“Mountain modern.” In Park City, Utah,  we have mastered the art of organic luxury. Because of this we are expert at creating spaces where you get lost in nature while still enjoying modern conveniences. And while mountain modern has become the standard in local interiors, sometimes this popular category can have several definitions.

Rustic mountain modern brings with it nothing frilly or luxurious. On the other hand, industrial mountain modern incorporates a lot of steel and raw woods. And finally, contemporary mountain modern utilizes a lot of clear glass and clean lines. In explaining the nuances of each, clients typically feel most drawn to contemporary mountain modern.  Regardless of where you fall in the mountain modern style,  when considering the overall vision of your home, here are five key areas to incorporate…

(Above, Pear Design Group combines strong steel elements with more neutral stone)


Create a home almost taken from the earth and its raw materials. Exposed i-beams, floating staircases, and stone countertops that waterfall to the floor all compliment the surrounding mountains. Fur ceiling beams in bedrooms and entertaining spaces further pay tribute to nature.

Stained cedar beams add a more rustic feel to this Deer Valley Bunk Room and entertaining space

Suzanne McAleer Design


Floor to ceiling windows, Nano doors that seamlessly connect living rooms to patios, and dry-stacked fireplaces  all establish an indoor/outdoor space. Create unexpected moments with a live edge wood coffee table or a concrete slab floating in your Powder Room.

Exterior stone is seamlessly integrated into this hallway, creating a truly organic space



What also keeps the eye traveling towards beautiful mountain views are softer neutral tones balanced with darker elements to still create depth. An off-white wall, white ceiling and espresso baseboard, can create just the right amount of interest. Consider darker stained cabinets in your kitchen with a white marble countertop or a white kitchen with a darker stained island base.

Off-white walls mixed with black windows create depth but don’t detract from surrounding views

One Kings Lane


When furnishing your home, give special attention to the fabrics and area rugs. Distressed leathers, prickly hair on hides, and modern cut velvets give fantastic texture. Wools will add warmth, mohairs a touch of luxury, and fur always adds just the right amount of glamour. Adding a faux sable throw to your Living Room sectional will instantly take your home to the next level of mountain modern chic.

A cozy hide draped on a leather chaise establishes interest and drama while velvet pillows and a fur stool create cozy appeal

William Peace


With all of the more natural elements of mountain modern design, bringing in additional light is a must. Under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen, plenty of overhead cans that can be put on dimmers, and sconces in key areas, all ensure that whatever time of day it is you will still feel right at home.

Under-island and under-cabinet lighting with plenty of overhead fixtures ensures this more industrial mountain home doesn’t feel too cavelike in the evenings

Canadian Timbers

Considering a true mountain modern look for your home? Contact us! We’d love to help!  And for more inspiration, take a look at our interiors gallery!