Interior design at its best encapsulates beauty in form as well as function. Stylish lighting, chic fabrics and unique furnishings definitely establish a place we want to spend time in, but high efficiency is what really creates the home we want to live in. When remodeling or building your next house, consider these five design hacks that will save you time and storage space, while also empowering your kids and pets to feel right at home. We guarantee you’ll find yourself saying, “Now why didn’t I think of that?”



When creating or recreating a high traffic living space, consider architectural elements that could lend themselves to an entrance for your pup. This opening in a more contemporary wrought iron door doesn’t take away from the aesthetic but also makes for an easy in and out. Via House Beautiful.



Empower little ones to reach the faucet with ease thanks to a pull out step that looks like a bathroom vanity drawer. Teach them to push it back in after use and none will be the wiser. Via House Beautiful.



Another one for the kids – create an accent wall that also doubles as a place for them to post their favorite works of art. Thanks to Sianzeng, fun prints can be combined with a magnetic liner so that entire walls can be their canvas.



No need to quibble with your spouse over whether you’re putting a piece of art or a TV above the fireplace, this ingenious foldable artwork offers the opportunity for both. A stunning landscape encourages intimate conversations while easily revealing a flat screen when you just need to relax. Via House Beautiful.



Make your pup feel like one of the family with a designated food and water drawer. Removable bowls will make cleaning them a breeze and it will be the perfect height for easy access. Company in the kitchen? Push back in and your pet parlor disappears faster than you can say, “Who’d like some brie?” Via Wood-Mode.

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